Welcome to Barbacoa, the home of authentic Mexican street food.

Inspired by the food hawkers they encountered worldwide, the owners of Barbacoa, James Knight and Luisa Tarnawski started their food adventure in 2014 in the vibrant Brisbane Farmer’s Markets. Their successful business grew to run in 8 markets and included corporate events and catering services. One of the businesses at the core of this success was “Taco Modern” which offered fresh and tasty Mexican style street food.

Drawing from their love of street food they set about creating a new relaxed retail dining concept that everyone could enjoy, focusing on popular street food found in “Mexico City”, or as the locals call it “District Federal” (D.F.)

Barbacoa brings traditional Mexican recipes from the streets of Mexico City in a relaxed social setting. At the heart of Barbacoa is an obsession with fresh food, friendly customer service and a taste of what Mexican hospitality means. At Barbacoa we offer a down to earth take on the lively and inviting Mexican Taqueria.